Is there not a Man?


Stuck in despair they lay like animals in their lair, thinking how they had become disjointed, deformed, dejected and obtuse. Do we lack the acuity to resolve our difficulties? For long they have hoped that this failed state will be built; now they point fingers blaming all but themselves. A group has resolved that any place but here, rather than work to make it better they all struggle for flight in belief that in another country pawpaw might become bread.

Our challenges are daunting, the thought of the future is bleak looking from where we stand, we are shrouded with doubt, and obsessed with our own thinking will our dream of a better future ever come about. The darkness is thick, in ignorance men speak drowning the voice of reason, and they constantly push everyone over a cliff to that place of despondence and despair.

But, is there not a man?

Your dream needs a hero, your world needs a knight; your country requires men of stout. Have we created an unwanted reality by our constant focus on a negative eventuality, our predominant thoughts now move our lives in directions we do not want to be about. We must stop in our tracks, cease this madness and blame none but ourselves and call on the hero that lives inside.

We have conquered space, defeated gravity, been to the moon and overcome the planets. Which begs the question can’t we repeat such fate? Or has our dream of a better life or better country become so alien? Does our situation defile all earthly possibility? Have our land, our hearts, our desires sent us something insurmountable? Are we cursed like some will like to believe or does our situation simply require for a better us to turn up.

The man in this context refers not to gender but to a person, any person, bold enough to confront their challenge with nothing but their better self. Committed to better habits, we can create better outcomes. The future calls for the courageous.

This is your moment of truth, like that last second in a game you are losing before the final whistle, like the final moments in a battle where the hero is outnumbered by villains, like that moment where you choose a people over yourself, or a cause over your ambition. History wants to know, will you be such a man?

In a world with so many, we are in dire need of a few. A few men have made history and history will still have many. Some nameless, others not worth remembering, but while we are in search for saviors in various spheres of business and in different regions, this is a call! A call for you to be the hero, you need to be the one that saves the day, you need to be the one your kids, your friends, your colleagues , your family and the Nation remembers and says thank God!

A problem needed fixing and God sent you, do not die not even knowing why you came.

Commit to a daily routine to grow your mind.

That’s G.Y.M for today and I trust that you are charged up and obsessed with a burning desire to succeed. Ordinary is a misnomer for you.

Plan, Act and Pursue your dream.

Orezi Emeotu

#GrowYourMind Coach


Twitter Handle: @oreziemeotu

Instagram: oreziemeotu

Facebook Page:

Telephone: +2348186210690


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