One Thing


Strip your dreams and pursuit to one, let your eyes become one, focused solely on that dream and vision and blinded to everything else. Let one thing consume you, light up your life as fire flows through your veins stemming from the unflinching fixation on one. Have one heart, one mind and eliminate the “di”! Division, distraction, diversion, dichotomy, distortion, discouragement, have one dream, one vision and light up your life like Christmas. The men who have made the most progress, who the world never ceases to celebrate are men of one skill, one passion, one sport, one dream and one pursuit.

The bible says if your eyes be single your whole body will be full of light and in speaking of faith, the bible ascribes instability to a double minded man. To stop progress introduce division, give a people two or multiple visions and they would not amount to anything. Think about the times when you have chased two possible outcomes, the likelihood is that you achieve neither. Sober up, clear your schedule and identify the one.

What is the one thing you need to do to move your life forward? Think hard, think long but find the one thing that makes all the difference. Some call it the pressure point, for some it’s what is needed for the critical mass and to others it’s the one thing that starts a chain reaction.

Could it really be that simple that one thing can change your life? Someone said you never get a second chance to make a first impression, remember second place is for losers. Practice for one opportunity, prepare for one opportunity and when you get that opportunity execute like there is no tomorrow. Put before you today one task, one assignment and do not stop until it’s done.

Today I want to challenge you to put one thing before you and do not stop until you are number one or at least close. Focus my friends, you need be consumed by one. Being of one mind is so powerful that the bible records a story of a group of people whom God almighty had to stop because they were of one vision to build a tower that will reach the heavens. An impossible feat this might seem but their singularity of vision made them a potential threat. Be like a dog with a bone, never let go until it’s finished.

Repetition they say deepens the impression, like the gold digger with the pickaxe you are hitting that spot for your treasure. Precision, power, prowess focused on one thing.

Messi, Jordan, Murray, Nadal, Neymar, LeBron, Tiger woods, Serena Williams, Oprah, Benny Hinn, Bill gates, one thing comes to your mind when you hear each of these names, not two things one thing. They have all distinguished themselves in one chosen field. While we acknowledge they might have a diversified portfolio of what they do, we all know them as men of a single talent and gift. They have lighted up our lives and their stage by being the best at what they do.  When your name is called what comes to mind?

Practice one skill, pursue one cause, everyone has some magic, think of your next task or assignment as your opportunity to perform one magic trick that will be watch by the entire world? How will you prepare? What will be your trick?

One of the shows that has always fascinated me is the Britain’s got talent, we see the young and the old who believe they have one talent the world needs to see or hear and every now and then they take the world by storm.

If you had one stage, one mic, one audience, one skill, one dream and one opportunity to do one thing. What will you be doing?

Being second is boring, second place is for losers, second place is for wimps and champions do not do second, champions do not do two things, they win period.

Remember one thing, one skill, one dream, one vision, one call, one stage, one opportunity, one life – Make it count.

Commit to a daily routine to grow your mind.

That’s G.Y.M for today and I trust that you are charged up and obsessed with a burning desire to succeed. Ordinary is a misnomer for you.

Plan, Act and Pursue your dream.

Orezi Emeotu

#GrowYourMind Coach


Twitter Handle: @oreziemeotu

Instagram: oreziemeotu

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