The Power of Repetition


Greatness is sacrifice, it requires you do things others won’t do so you can get things others won’t get. It’s hard changing your life, you need great habits to have a great life. Great habits are developed daily and this requires consistent commitment.

Les Brown talks about the fact that on your road to becoming successful you are going to encounter a lot of discouragement, experience a lot of failure and be meted with resentment from naysayers. You will need to deal with the fear of failure, you thinking what If things don’t work, out or the fear of success, what if things actually work out.

The habits of highly successful people allows them to consistently perform behaviors that breed success. Everyone that plans on being successful must identify success habits, repeat these habits daily until they become second nature. The problem however is you are not an empty slate, meaning right now you have certain habits which you are used to that is preventing you from experience a certain level of success in your life. You probably sleep too much, you keep Company with naysayers and dream killers, you have a poor work ethic, you procrastinate a lot, are you fond of giving excuses for failure, you lack commitment, you never finish what you start and you are perpetually living in self-denial. You are probably saying to yourself right now this isn’t true.

So what do you want to do?

You want to identify the habits you require to be successful in your life, career and business, repeat these habits every day until it becomes second nature, that it replaces whatever failure prone habits you’ve practiced over the years.

Anthony Robbins said “repetition is the Mother of skill” and Zig Ziglar said “repetition is the mother of learning, the father of action which makes it the architect of accomplishment”.

Repetition they say deepens the impression. Consistent action guarantees consistent results you however want to be getting the right results.

How long does it take to form a new habit?

Do not kid yourself, habit formation is serious business, everything within you might revolt. Develop a passionate drive and a picture of your preferred future that is strong enough to move you in your desired direction.

For habit formation there is the 21 day myth which is a misrepresentation of Dr Maxwell Maltz’s work on self-image but other studies like that of Phillippa Lally suggest that it takes a minimum 66 days, so we looking at between two to eight months. I believe however in keeping at it until the habit is formed. Remember to set your acceptable outcome on winning, make it your life ambition to succeed. You are not just going to waltz into greatness so fasten your seat belts and brace yourself should the ride get bumpy.

Tom Bartow outlines 3 phases of habit formation.

Phase one – this is the honeymoon stage, which is characterized by a degree easiness. Normally this happens in the first few days of the process.

Phase two – the fight thru stage. Here, inspiration fades and reality sets in. You need to fight the uneasiness to survive the fight thru, be real with how you are feeling and deal with it and finally make a lifelong projection. Imagine what your life will be like if you succeeded, think of the dividends this will bring.

Phase three – Second Nature. Now you are in the zone, you have got your groove on.  People however often relapse to phase two. You have to deal with the discouragement monster, thoughts that this is not working. You have to manage disruptions, change work schedule, travelling or holidays and you will need to deal with the seduction of success where you think this is easy I have found an easy way to achieve great success.

Whatever you do, you want to formulate great habits and repeat them every day until you win. Break the cycle, Anton Stetner said real change is not an event, change requires repetition”.

Commit to a daily routine to grow your mind.

That’s G.Y.M for today and I trust that you are charged up and obsessed with a burning desire to succeed. Ordinary is a misnomer for you.

Plan, Act and Pursue your dream.

Orezi Emeotu

#GrowYourMind Coach


Twitter Handle: @oreziemeotu

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