Quid Pro Quo – Skill Hustle


It’s something for something. The exchange of something of value for something else of value. Before seeking something of value you must become someone of value. In the corridors of exchange what you are getting should be as valuable as what you are trading.  In a perfect system people exchange what they have for what they need, the problem however is what you have might not be as valuable as what you need, and hence the options of crime, multiples, time value, availability, speed of value.

Some individuals forcefully obtain value without the willingness to exchange value in return, whether in the offering of present skills or products acquired over time with horned skills. This is not an option and should never be an option because success is as important as the process of success. It’s not success that which is not enduring or sustainable.

So let’s talk multiples, time value, availability and speed of value.

Multiples – remember in life you are constantly making an exchange, you are exchanging skills for money and money for cars or mortgage, or money for an experience or an experience for money. Depending on what side of the exchange you are on, you are either making a profit or a loss. So in talking multiples, in the event that you do not have the requisite skills to attract a certain value you might have to volunteer your skills multiple times to get the value you require. For example you want a 1000 dollars and you are a barber, each haircut attracts 10 dollars, so you need to make 100 haircuts to hit the 1000 dollars mark. You could also engage other people’s effort, say you set up a barber shop and you get 5 dollars for every haircut another person makes, you make an additional 5 dollars within the same time space, if you have say 5 people in addition you make 25 dollars. So within the same time space you are making 35 dollars as compared to your colleague who functions alone.

Think multiples, create multiple value streams within the same time space. Other people’s money, other people’s time. Start paying attention to the concept of exchange. Remember it’s something for something. You are not a gambler so stop calling bluffs, which is trying to sell people stuff that is less valuable that what you need or want.

Time Value – timing is critical in an exchange, the perceived need or demand of a service can increase its value astronomically. You want to be at the right place every time. Always be ready to volunteer quality service or product and nature will reward you with goodness.

Availability – in the law of conservation of energy which states that energy can never be created or destroyed so also the creations of your skills should never be destroyed. Constantly convert skills, the wealthy man has perfected the act of converting their skills to obtain products of value. You want to be converting your skills faster than you need to exchange the dividends of your skills for products or other services. So convert and store value. You are baker, bake cakes get money quicker than you need to spend money.

Speed of value – how well and how quickly do you do what you do? Your speed and professionalism does not just influence availability but also increases value. The imbalance in life means there will always be emergencies, pressure for time and the need for express delivery. Can you deliver a product or skill as quickly and as qualitatively as you would if you had all the time? We are a generation that loves speed learn to do things faster.

Important to Note!

Life is a market, you are constantly in an exchange situation, its quid pro quo, something for something so what are you trading?

You cannot be wealthy if you do not have anything to trade.

Do you convert and store the value that proceeds from your skills, if you do not you will be a victim of time value and availability of value. Meaning you will suffer for the conversion lag and you will always give people more for things of less value.

Gain control of your time and the value you are creating, get a grip of the reins of your life, stop being in a hostage situation every time you need something because in a hostage situation you are in no position to negotiate. Become a person of value and you will naturally attract valuables.

Commit to a daily routine to grow your mind.

That’s G.Y.M for today and I trust that you are charged up and obsessed with a burning desire to succeed. Ordinary is a misnomer for you.

Plan, Act and Pursue your dream.


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