Wave Knowledge


Some people make it a point of duty to know what the next big thing will be, others read about the next big thing, majority experience the next big thing and a hand full of persons are constantly responsible for creating the next big thing. Are you aware that the future we now live in was created by some? If you do not decide to create the future you want, you will live in another man’s idea of a future for you.

For example as we speak, some people somewhere are tinkering with the idea of what future cities will look like! We hear discuss like that of climate change because some are concerned about how our world is changing. People are already asking what jobs will be relevant in the future? With technological breakthroughs everywhere are some jobs going extinct? Will the computer replace certain professions? How will people communicate and relate in the future? I know you are busy enjoying social media but what is next after Facebook? What new forms of collaboration and networking will exist in the future? How will this generation of digital natives learn, relate, communicate, develop and succeed? What is the future of money? With physical and geographical boundaries disappearing is there a new economic system emerging?

Reset your mind, become a creator by challenging conventional behavior. Keep asking can it be done better? It’s sad that on the African continent for a long time, we have been consumers. We need a mental reset, we need to begin to think contribution, creation and innovation. On a micro level, are you a contributor or just a consumer? Are you seeking new ways to improve yourself and make others better? Or are just preoccupied with consumption of better experiences?

In surfing, there is a concept that is truly amazing and is critical if you are going to be a great surfer. You must know how to read the waves. After learning to balance, paddle and turn the board you must learn how to read the waves, where to position yourself to catch the wave – this is known as “wave knowledge”.

The surfer does not create the wave, he or she must identify which wave will potentially be the highest, decide at what point to embark on it and get the ride of a life time. Life comes with wave after wave of ideas, products, technologies, behaviors, activities and concepts. For you to ride the wave the longest, you first must identify the strongest wave, catch it at the trough and journey till you hit the crest. Stop walking around with your eyes closed, at this very moment there are several waves rising, new behaviors are being formed from which some new businesses will benefit, the question is are you even aware?

For example have you heard of a custom implant organ designer or a respiratory therapists? With increased focus on cleaner environments we are seeing the demand for waste management consultants and biochemical engineers. The new behavioral obsession of people with wellness has given rise to several jobs from nutritionists to fitness experts. The evolution of robotics in tackling handicaps has given rise to robotics technicians. My point being that as our world evolves, new behaviors will create new opportunities. Do not be on the experiential end of the spectrum, Create the future.

Who ever thought that people will be fascinated by typing just 160 characters and regularly tweeting? We taught Facebook epitomized picture taking and uploads but take a look at what Instagram has done to picture taking. The word selfie did not exist a few years ago not to talk of the manufacturing of selfie sticks.

Wave knowledge – there is a tsunami coming, and I do not mean a nerve wrecking disaster. I mean the next big thing, maybe for Africa, maybe for Europe, can you imagine what the demand for Europeans who studied Arabic has been like since the European migration and refugee crisis started? Waves – you do not create them, you simply identify them and position yourself. The future belongs to creators, innovators and influencers. Develop the uncanny ability to identify waves, read them and ride them!

Commit to a daily routine to grow your mind.

That’s G.Y.M for today and I trust that you are charged up and obsessed with a burning desire to succeed. Ordinary is a misnomer for you.

Plan, Act and Pursue your dream.


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