What are you doing daily to guaranty the future you desire? Are you willing to pay the price for success or are you just obsessed with its rewards? John wooden said “when opportunity comes, it’s too late to prepare”. Are you willing to program your life by systematic planning and united effort? Are you willing to educate yourself for a future role or function?

John Maxwell said “successful people make the right decisions early and manage those decisions daily”. Do you have a success preparation plan? Do you have a life preparation plan? Before you get into the ring of life are you prepared for uncommon outcomes? Bobby Knight said “The will to succeed is important but the will to prepare is as important”.

Make your life about the process, if you perfect the process the product is automatic. David Oyedepo said he spent 26 months of concerted personal preparation before stepping into ministry. In the 1996 Olympics, Gymnast Kerri Strug fell injuring her ankle in her first attempt, on learning that her team needed her second attempt at vault, she went on and executed her routine with a third-degree lateral sprain and some tendon damage, there by delivering gold to her team. It’s only preparation and practice that births this kind of tenacity.

Do you believe in giving the best version of you? Are you willing to stay on after the game is over, practice after the stadium is empty, keep speaking when no one is listening, read when you do not have test or exam? Are you willing to push yourself to a point that’s bigger than you, a point where you are driven, hungry, determined and persistent?

Prepare like your life depends on it, and you know what actually it does. Benjamin Franklin said “One today is worth two tomorrows, what I am to be, I am now becoming”. Decide to stretch, engage in concerted action. How many books have you read in your chosen field of endeavor? I read about Warren Buffet, how in his earlier days he will go through almost 800 pages of information on companies daily.

When do you get up? What decisions are you making? The people that are getting the results you are not getting are doing the things you are not doing.

Eric Thomas says prepare for the game before the game, prepare more, perfect small.

“The secret of success in life is for a man to be ready for his time when it comes” – Benjamin Disraeli.

Start – begin to engage in consistent practice.

Stretch – constantly push yourself beyond conventional limits. If you are expecting the extraordinary you must prepare exceptionally.

Persevere – Refuse to stop.

This is your golden age, this is your moment but you will have to fight for it. There are thousands of people equally as talented as you are, but preparation will set you apart.

The world will stand for the best, the world will make room for the best, the world will celebrate the best, and the world is looking for the best. Get ahead and stay ahead. Make your life preparation an obsession. An opportunity is coming for which no man has monopoly of, it has written all over it – “meant for the most prepared”.

Finally in the words of Eric Thomas “how comfortable can you be with being uncomfortable”. Welcome the pain of preparation and avoid the pain of regret.

Commit to a daily routine to grow your mind.

That’s G.Y.M for today and I trust that you are charged up and obsessed with a burning desire to succeed. Ordinary is a misnomer for you.

Plan, Act and Pursue your dream.

#GrowYourMind Coach


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