The Theory of Definitions


Do you have well substantiated explanations for the successes in your life? Is there a concise explanation for the advancements you’ve experienced? Do you know the set of beliefs that guided your behavior during any stint of uncommon accomplishments in your life? If we cannot define our successes we cannot repeat them. Definitions not only guaranty repetition, its guarantees predictability. We have come to understand the force of gravity that ensures that everything that goes up must come down, the law of aerodynamics which considers the basic forces of thrust, drag and lift and ensures flight, understanding these laws has made for the mastery of flight.

When an airplane taxis on the run way it’s not a fifty percentage chance it will take off, it is certain to take off except there is an act of God or an accident. Let’s rule out God on this because trust me God is on your side for success, for no manufacturer expects his or her product to underperform or not perform at all. For the airplane not to take off it will have to be an accident. Question – how come we have mastered flight but you struggle to succeed? How has man conquered gravity yet you wallow in poverty? How have we conquered space yet you cannot guaranty productivity? Listen to yourself talk about your life and your speech is reeking with uncertainty. Could your lack of confidence and uncertainty about your life come from the fact that you do not understand the reasons for your life’s outcomes?

Do you have a theory, a belief, a thinking, well substantiated explanation for the outcomes of the ventures in your life whether they be failures or successes? Can you identify the elements responsible for your outcomes? Can you outline the sequence of events in the build up to the failures or successes you have experienced? Nothing is truly yours until you understand it, nothing is truly yours until you can recreate it, and nothing is truly yours until you can articulate the buildup sequence.

Every successful person you know has come to understand their success sequence, they know their peak periods for optimum performance, they know the meals to eat to get their neurons firing, and they know the habits they’ve developed that’s responsible for their successes. The question is do you?

What is your most productive hour of the day?

How best do you ingest information? Are you a visual person? Do you prefer to read or listen to informational materials?

How many hours do you sleep? Do you consider yourself strong with analytics or you are more perceptive?

Success my friends starts with knowing yourself. Knowing yourself is the one thing you are not taught, you discover it. This might explain why we have an uneducated folk that is highly successful in business and a first class graduate of business administration that cannot run a small retail store profitably.

A philosophy lecturer of mine while in university defined philosophy as answering questions and questioning answers until we have a question that cannot be answered or an answer that cannot be questioned.

It’s not complicated the secret is in the sequence, the theory, and the definition. Become a student of your accomplishments no matter how small, study success not to get a good feel but to deduce the theory, find the definition, and understand the sequence so you can recreate the experience.

Commit to a daily routine to grow your mind.

That’s G.Y.M for today and I trust that you are charged up and obsessed with a burning desire to succeed. Ordinary is a misnomer for you.

Plan, Act and Pursue your dream.

#GrowYourMind Coach


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