Life is a Market – Part 1


A productive life must be one subjected to constant evaluation, it’s in records that we can identify the areas requiring improvement. The unrecorded life is not worth examining. Have you turned up in the market called life without a product or service to exchange? Are you playing in the place of serious business? Merchants have come from far and wide bearing substance of value hoping to exchange their product for a higher price.

Little wonder the bible says he that will find his life must first loose it, for it’s in letting go of your life that you can hope to get a higher life. Life like all markets is temporal. Markets open and close, this is depicted by our brief stay here on earth. The trader that will take home the highest reward is the one whose product attracts the greatest value and is able to sell. Your life is a product what value is it attracting? Your brief stay here is a warm up for eternity, an opportunity to exchange the finite for the infinite, to exchange less for more.

Life is temporal.

When we live with eternity in view the quality of our decisions are heavenly. For no trader shows up at the market with an understanding of its brevity, spends unwholesome amounts of time with activities of no value.

Life is a place of exchange.

People go to the market to buy or sell, however there always side attractions. some spectators, some detractors and some thieves. These people not knowing the purpose for their being in the market turn to other vices, some trying to con others of their valuables, others not knowing the principles of exchange result to begging. Not understanding that in an exchange you bring something of value, or you will live begging throughout life. You were given a gift to develop, a skill to hone, like a marketer you must package your life and make it appealing.

We all pass through certain market stalls without even a second glance, for the products on display are all outdated, these traders seem to have lost touch with what the people need and sometimes they are old timers who used to run the markets but refused to change as the trend changed, technology introduced new products and like dinosaurs they became extinct.

Your purpose in life is to a people group.

Identifying your market is key to your profiting. When a business identifies its target market, which are demographics, age and class of persons it wants to serve and tailors its product offerings to suit these persons there are differentiating. This generic strategy if perfected gives the company controlling share of this market.

Specialist equipment are the most expensive and all specialist services in life are exchanged for a premium. If you stay a generalist you will keep receiving what everyone is getting. If you must control your market you must specialize. In economics differentiation they say is creating something that is perceived industry wide as being unique. So how well do you do what you, if you did not show up ,who will miss you.

Things to consider if you are to create wealth
• What product or service are you rendering?
• What is the size of the population needing these products and services?
• What is the quality of these products and services?
• What is your reach for delivering these products and services?

Life is full of trends

We have seen through history that human wants and needs are insatiable, we have also seen that different wants and needs trend at different times. The men that understand trends and can identify them, can make a lot of money. However the man that can create a trend that catches on becomes an instant phenomenon. When we look at the top ten richest men in world they are either people that created trends, we see companies like Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, Oracle or people that redefined existing trends like Zara, Ikea, Berkshire Hathway, Koch Industries. These people literally taught the world to behave differently, they gave the world a new bait and people swallowed hook line and sinker.

Your life should be like wine that people savor, like a new car that people can’t resist, like a breakthrough drug that cures killer diseases, like a service they always return to for the experience. Someone said life is in session, are you present? Life is a market, quit playing, for your time is short, and it’s time to exchange value.

Commit to a daily routine to grow your mind.

That’s G.Y.M for today and I trust that you are charged up and obsessed with a burning desire to succeed. Ordinary is a misnomer for you.

Plan, Act and Pursue your dream.

#GrowYourMind Coach


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