Entering Miracle Territory

The dictionary defines a miracle as any amazing or wonderful occurrence or a marvelous event manifesting a supernatural act of a divine agent.

Certain people come around once in a decade, some once in century, a few once in a millennium and some really special ones once in light years. These people I speak off seem to have transcended the regular, they no longer function with the ordinary, they make difficult easy and impossible none existent. They break records, rewrite history, restore hope and inspire greatness.

The shocking revelation however is for these persons there was no thundering in the clouds at their birth, contrary to tales like that of Hercules, Zeus did not father them, these are ordinary people born to ordinary men, so what changed? They entered miracle territory.

Somehow by making certain decisions, taking certain steps, committing to continuous improvement, embracing a rigorous training process they began to gain what some call accumulative advantage. This means their routine, had placed they in miracle territory. If there was an opportunity for one to be trained it was them, if there was a scholarship, a training abroad, a grant, a gift, someone to be honored, and someone to represent the crowd they were unanimously selected. But we all began with the same 24 hours, so how did some men get ahead.

Time is a commodity of exchange, to enter miracle territory you need to improve the use of your time. Practice they say isn’t the thing you do once you are good. It’s the thing you do that makes you good.

Malcolm Gladwell talks about the Matthew Effect which states that “For whoever has will be given more, and they will have an abundance. Whoever does not have, even what they have will be taken from them”. That is to say the man you work for just multiplied the time at his disposal for productivity. He pays you a sum for 8 hours a day of your life. Hence your results cannot be the same, he possesses more for exchange in the market of life,

I have always been fascinated by sports men, especially in the 21st century when we hear the staggering amounts they are paid. But have you ever wondered why they are called professional athletes.

The average NBA player has a 40 hour work week and this does not include things hard to measure like charity events, public appearances, travel time, film sessions etc. Guys like Lebron James, Kobe, Harden put in far more.

A football player like Cristiano Ronaldo puts in 3 to 4 hours of daily practice, several periods of running, high intensity and explosive sprinting drills, technical drills for ball control not to mention football tactical exercises and gym exercises.

These men are committed to consistent action. Apologies to none basketball fans but the game seems to serve for the purpose of this illustrations. Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar are amongst the top 10 players with the most missed shots in NBA history. If you know this men you will know they rocked the NBA world. So how do you miss the most shots and still are the most valuable player on court, simple you work twice as hard as everybody else. Double your opportunity

You can sit in your little corner sipping tea and pinakolada, tip toeing not wanting to hurt anyone or make a mistake. You have no scars from losses because you never tried anything, you are too busy analyzing that you have paralyzed all your dreams.

Do you want to see the miraculous, and mind you I am not talking of cripples walking or the blind seeing, I am talking of you turning the forces of nature in your direction where you become a magnet for everything good. Where your name seems to be the only one known and people can’t get enough of you.

Someone said winning starts with beginning

Ralph Waldo Emerson said “you can make yourself so valuable that a year from now men will pay any price just to see you”

Quit tinkering with goals and dreams that do not inspire you and are not worth a penny. Think process, think price, think consistent action, and strive to be among the top three in your chosen field of endeavor, venture and nature will reward you with goodness.
I see you enter miracle territory.

Commit to a daily routine to grow your mind.
That’s G.Y.M for today and I trust that you are charged up and obsessed with a burning desire to succeed. Ordinary is a misnomer for you.

Plan, Act and Pursue your dream.

Orezi Emeotu

#GrowYourMind Coach

Email: oreziemeotu@gmail.com

Twiiter Handle: @oreziemeotu

Instagram: oreziemeotu

Facebook Page: https://web.facebook.com/thegymnetwork/

Telephone: +2348186210690


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